The Benefits of Using Managed Services for Building an Offshore Team

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In a world where staying ahead is vital, businesses are flipping the script with game-changing strategies. Enter: Advisory consulting services for offshore staffing. This isn't just a solution; it's the secret sauce for turbocharging operations, skyrocketing productivity, and propelling business growth. 

Gone are the days when tapping into the global talent pool was just about snagging a bargain on specialised skills. Today, it's about fuelling your innovation engine and navigating the complex business maze with a team that's got your back, thanks to an HR and specialist advisory end-to-end service offering. 

Leveraging Managed Services for offshore staffing is not just about cost savings; it's a strategic move that enhances innovation, productivity, and business growth. By tapping into the global talent pool, businesses can address the UK's talent shortage, reduce operational costs without sacrificing quality, and focus on core growth activities. Advisory Consulting Services offer the flexibility to scale operations efficiently, mitigate risks associated with global staffing, and supercharge operational efficiency. The success story of Opinium, which revitalised its operations and agency culture through an offshore team in Cape Town, exemplifies the transformative impact of building an offshore staffing team with managed services. 


6 benefits to building an effective offshore team in India, South Africa or Romania:  

1. Dive Into the Global Talent Ocean

With Advisory Consulting Services, you're not just hiring; you're opening your business up to a whole new ocean of talent that you may not have known existed. This is especially relevant as the UK faces a jaw-dropping talent shortage, with a staggering 83% of businesses struggling to find the skills they need. Looking beyond borders isn't just smart; it's survival. 

This global talent access is your ticket to staying on the bleeding edge of tech trends, no geographical handcuffs, empowering you to harness worldwide expertise and stay ahead of the curve. 

2. Slash Costs, Not Quality 

Why pay more when you can pay smart? Advisory Consulting Services slash costs dramatically by connecting you with markets where your pound stretches further. This isn't about cutting corners; it's about strategic savings on everything from wages to workspace, ensuring you get top-tier talent without the premium price tag. 

3. Laser-Focus on What Matters 

Offshore staffing means you can pass the baton for the support work that should not be done by other “billable” staff – leave them to rather focus on business growth. This shift doesn't just boost efficiency; it improves the speed at which you innovate, so you're always first off the blocks. 

4. Scale Like a Boss  

Flexibility is key, and Advisory Consulting Services are the MVPs, letting you scale your offshore team to match your business's pulse. Whether you're ramping up or dialling down, you've got the agility to pivot without the pain of fixed overheads. 

5. Risk? What Risk?

Pair up with a top-tier consultancy and watch those operational and compliance headaches fade away. Let your consultancy partner dodge the legal and cultural curveballs of global staffing, leaving you to expand your empire with peace of mind. 

6. Supercharge Your Ops

Advisory Consulting Services aren't just about filling seats; they're about fine-tuning your productivity engine. With their blend of slick processes, cutting-edge tech, and experienced management, they're here to ensure your operations are the best they can be! 


Real Life Success: Opinium – an insight research agency  

Take Opinium, for example. Swamped by client demands, their senior consultants were knee-deep in data drudgery, leaving innovation on the back burner. But after partnering with Potentiam, they were advised on a custom offshore strategy, catapulting their efficiency and infusing their agency with vibrant new energy, thanks to their dedicated Cape Town team. 

Benjamin Davis, Head of Data and Research Technology, raves about the seismic shift: "Having a team hyper-focused on delivering pristine data has slashed our time to insight and costs, not to mention injecting a whole new vibe into our agency. They're not just a team; they're a breath of fresh air." Davis continues to highlight the benefits of their Cape Town team;

1. Having a team in place that is dedicated and focused on nothing but providing us with robust data.

2. The ability to now deliver high-quality data first time around from a team that is trained, dedicated, and focused on one single task means that the time to insight has been reduced, and naturally, our costs have reduced as well.

3. The fresh perspective and character of the new team has breathed life into the agency in ways we couldn’t have imagined – they’re just a great bunch of people who have given us all a fresh perspective on life in general – a really good group of people to work with. 

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Ready, Set, Innovate!

By embracing Advisory Consulting Services, you're not just hiring; you're supercharging your business with a dynamic, cost-effective workforce ready to launch you into the innovation stratosphere. As the business landscape evolves, this strategic play could be your checkmate move. 

Book a meeting if you would like to know any more about our case studies and how this could support you in resolving your own growth challenges. 

How Do Managed Advisory Consulting Services Elevate Your Offshore Staffing Strategy?

An advisory consulting service transcends traditional recruitment and staffing models by offering a holistic managed service for the formation and nurturing of offshore teams. Beyond mere placement, this includes strategic planning, meticulous recruitment, seamless onboarding, and ongoing management of offshore talent. It's an end-to-end solution designed to empower businesses to harness global expertise efficiently and effectively, ensuring alignment with your business goals and cultural values. 

Why Choose Managed Services over Self-Serve EOR for Superior Offshore Team Integration?

Managed advisory services redefine offshore staffing by providing strategic insights and hands-on management. They ensure your offshore teams are not just filled with talent but are aligned and integrated with your in-house operations. Unlike self-serve EOR platforms, which leave the heavy lifting to you, managed services include identifying prime talent markets, ensuring legal compliance, and fine-tuning operations for seamless integration. This strategic partnership boosts productivity, fosters innovation, and streamlines your offshore and onshore teams into a cohesive unit. 

Why is accessing global talent important?

In today's competitive landscape, tapping into global talent is not just an option; it's a necessity. Especially for regions facing talent crunches like the UK, accessing a diverse pool of international expertise fills critical skill gaps, infusing your business with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Managed services amplify this by ensuring a smooth talent integration process, enabling companies not just to fill positions but strategically enhance their workforce for sustained growth and competitiveness.